Saturday, August 13, 2011

Yo 90's Fantasy Rave League

Calling all 90s freaks! Have we ever got the fancy dress contest for you! Here's how it works: reach deep into your inner time machine and assemble your ultimate 90s rave posse fantasy league! " Say what?!?!" You say? Look its easy, maybe its Marky Mark and the funky bunch you're rolling with. Or maybe its a motley crew comprised of mc hammer, The Shamen, Keith Flynt from Prodigy and the cast Saved By The Bell! Whatever your twisted imagination can come up with send your league (up to 6 playaz) to us. If your most radical, totally awesome funky bunch is selected and you arrive to the 90s Jam on Saturday, August 20th in character you will win free admission for you and your posse and free drinks all night long!!!